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"Views" is a captivating collage artwork that immerses the viewer in a mesmerizing scene. At its center, a vulnerable yet alluring depiction of a naked woman is presented from the back, seated gracefully on a rock amidst the vast expanse of the sea. 

Surrounding the woman are a myriad of boats gracefully navigating the waters, their presence hinting at the allure she emanates. 

There is a sense of harmony and intrigue as the boats encircle her, seemingly drawn to her magnetic presence. 

 A striking element of surprise unfolds as a plane emerges, soaring boldly through the bridge. 

This unexpected interplay of elements adds an intriguing layer of contrast and symbolism, further emphasizing the woman's captivating effect on her surroundings. 

 "Views" invites the viewer to contemplate the delicate interplay between allure, attraction, and the power of individual presence. It explores the profound impact one can have on their environment, while also prompting introspection into the complexities of personal connection and the dynamics of perception.

Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag

Hahnemühle's Photo Rag has a very matte surface with a fine, understated texture, making it very versatile. It is suitable to reproduce both color and black-and-white photographs without reflections.

Grammage: 308 g/m? | Whiteness: 92,5% | Dmax: 1.82 | Gloss level: matte | Surface: lightly textured | Optical brighteners: yes | Material: 100% cotton


* Unframed

Limited to a total of 4 prints to ever sell.

*Payment available through PayPal. 

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