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Fly Away

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"Fly Away" depicts a captivating art print featuring a woman enclosed within a delicate, iridescent seashell. The ethereal composition suggests a desire for liberation and escape from earthly constraints. The vibrant colors and intricate details highlight the beauty and fragility of both the woman and the shell, evoking a sense of enchantment and longing for boundless freedom. This artwork invites viewers to contemplate the human spirit's innate yearning to transcend limitations and soar towards new horizons.

Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag

Hahnemühle's Photo Rag has a very matte surface with a fine, understated texture, making it very versatile. It is suitable to reproduce both color and black-and-white photographs without reflections.

Grammage: 308 g/m? | Whiteness: 92,5% | Dmax: 1.82 | Gloss level: matte | Surface: lightly textured | Optical brighteners: yes | Material: 100% cotton


* Unframed

Limited to a total of 4 prints to ever sell.

*Payment available through PayPal. 

If you would like alternative payment options, sizing requests or have any other questions please email me at julesalexandra.art@gmail.com

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